Sunday, 19 February 2012

Well.....I'm Back!

It's hard to imagine, I can't believe how much time has passed, well over 3 months since my last post. Also well over 3 months since I lost my beautiful boy. Since then I've had an incredible adventure, working and living in Antarctica of all places and it really was the most magical experience but there wasn't a single day that I didn't think of Samurai. Each day seemed like agony being away from him, its the longest we had been separated and the hardest thing was knowing I had to get used to the feeling.

Going to Antarctica was a god-send after losing Samurai but really all it did was delay the inevitable, I have to get used to being in this empty house. It's lovely sitting in my scrapping room again, I feel comforted knowing I'm back in 'our' room but its still heart breaking to look up from my lap top and see his empty mat and his favourite toy just lying there. I still look for him at the gate when I come home from the gym and I lay awake all night listening for his snores. How deathly quiet the house is now.

So anyway today I've dusted my scrapping room, I brought the latest Scrap 365 mag AND Scrapbook magazine and I'm going to focus on Scrapping my photos from Antarctica and hopefully soon one or two of my boy.


  1. Welcome back Mon!!!
    Glad you had an amazing time, hope things aren't too difficult for you missing your boy xxx

  2. Welcome Back!

    It to has been a long time since i have blogged. I am sat here in tears reading your story of samuri! I to have Rotts the oldest Caesar is heading towards 12 this summer and we wait hope and pray every year that he will get another with us! I have followed your blog and stories about Samuri for a long time now and am heart broken you have lost your best friend, but i know that he will be there with you all the time. I hope you can draw some strength from this? the next is for you

    A Paw On The Stair

    They say you’ll always return

    And visit your favourite place

    Where love was all you knew

    And to gaze on your favourite face

    We found it hard to say goodbye

    But we really do believe

    That we needed to be together

    Though we’ll never truly leave

    We’re running through the fields now

    So happy to be alive

    We know you’re sad without us

    But our spirits will survive

    Please be happy with the new ones

    Who have come to take our place

    We know they’ll bring you joy and love

    And fill up that empty space

    Our lives with you were perfect

    And the love was forever there

    So always believe we’re with you

    When you hear the paw on the stair

    1. HI Kelly!
      Thank-you so much for your comment and the lovely poem. It brought a tear to my eyes and also my partners but made us smile as well. There will be the patter of little paws in our house again one day and most likely little rottie paws, but not for a little while yet as things as still too raw. xxx