Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Crafty Moments Crop!!

Well last nights crop was a hoot, met some lovely ladies and had a right giggle. Lots of stash envy going on and funny chats about our pets and kids.....(obviously their kids :o))

SO in honour of our conversations last night just thought I'd dig up a photo of an old layout (pre-blog) about my chickens!!!

It turns out I'm not the only slightly daft women who names her chickens. **Waving at Katy**

Of course this is when they were at "Point of Lay" and were cute and young and hadn't as yet turned into garden vandals!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Monica

    Lovely to meet you too last night, it was good fun wasn't it? You're right about the stash envy going on - big time!!!

    Love your chicken layout!

    Carole x

    p.s. Promise to keep practising with my Distress Inks - I will get the hang of it in the end!