Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Good Friday!!!

Isn't Easter a lovely time of year! Especially when we have weather as gorgeous as it has been this year!!

And so today is Good Friday and traditionally its the day we tuck into hot cross buns. Theres loads of varieties in the stores to pick from but you just can't beat freshly home-made hot cross buns. I've been baking most of today, and baking myself in the sun in between dough rises :o)

This batch is glazed and ready to go, I bake a large batch every year to distribute to my neighbours in our lovely little village.

Always interesting seeing a grown man cry as all these buns walk out the door and not into his belly!!!! My poor Kenny.....;o)

On a more traditonal note....they may be delightfully yummy, but take a moment to remember what the cross on the bun represents, and in our household as I was raised a good little Latino girl .....there will be fish for supper...ok it'll probably be Fish Pie but its still fish!!

Have a blessed and safe Easter Weekend everyone! xxx
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