Saturday, 18 September 2010

New babes in the forest!

We had a lot of little cuties in the forest over spring and summer and now that summers coming to an end its lovely to see some late additions!!

Mavis seems to have a little calf who is just GORGEOUS! Mavis is my favourite cow in the forest.....being that she's a hairy coo it's our own little reminder of Scotland. Not sure if the calf (who I've decided to call Ginger), is actually hers or if she's adopted it. It doesn't look hairy enough but time will tell I guess ;o)

Two more spotty foals about as well, even prettier than the others. Haven't thought of any suitable names yet, anyone got any ideas????


  1. Oh Mon they are just gorgeous! Please send Ginger and Mavis to Melbourne for a holiday, I promise to send them back after a cuddle! hehe