Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Scrapping Room!

I thought it'd be kind of nice for my fellow scrappers to see what my 'scrapping space' looks like. This is my favourite room in our house. It may be that I took so much time and effort into setting it up! All the furniture I hunted down second hand on ebay and in charity shops, I then sanded it all down and then painted it. It really did take me days and days to do but I was so pleased with it. Just a shame I couldn't paint the walls as well!!

I got up this morning and it was pretty horrible weather so the perfect opportunity to give my scrapping room a complete clean and tidy up and to unpack all my stuff from the crops. Definitely had to blog a photo, I haven't seen it this tidy since I first set it up!!


  1. Hi Mon, I love your scrapping room, I'm soooo jealous. I scrap from a chest that doubles as a coffee table, lol. Oh well, maybe one day.... Donna

  2. Gorgeous scrap room Monica! And the furniture looks fab.

  3. Wow your scraproom is gorgeous Mon. The furniture is stunning and worth all the effort you went to to find it and restore it :)