Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My scrapping room - sometimes the answer is right under your nose!!

We have lived in this house now for the better part of a year and when we initially moved in it was just assumed that the small box room would be my scrapping room. Firstly by my reasoning because it was small, warm and cosy, secondly by Kennys was the closest room to the kitchen!!! Honestly that man!!!! Everything equates to his stomach :o) 

The canoe room
Last week I walked into spare front bedroom to see if the grocery man had arrived and as I stood there and rolled my eyes yet again at Kenny's fully inflated canoe (because every man has a bedroom for his canoe doesn't he!!) I also noticed that somehow his motor-cross gear had seemed to move into the room as well. Hmmm seems all his toys were starting to infiltrate the house, after years of me working on having them stored in our numerous sheds and loft!!

Then I noticed how bright the room was and how much light entered the room all day due to the large bay window, epiphany!!! You see I love my little scrapping room but what I don't love is that it is on the side of the house which doesn't get the sun and the window is tiny so natural light is minimal making my room dark all day no matter what the weather. Not fun sitting in a room having to use lights to match up your colours! Any crafter will tell you how important good lighting is!!!

My NEW Scrapping Room!
My epiphany of course was it was time to move the canoe out and my scrapping room in!!! I'm sitting here now, typing this post admiring how loving my new scrapping room is. I've always considered myself a fairly intelligent woman so how on earth did I NOT think of this earlier!!! Look how much room I have!!!



  1. love the room, and LOVE that seat!!!!

  2. you can see the difference in the light from the photos - new room looks gorgeous and glad you took your chandelier with you!

  3. Wow that's awesome and you can definitely see the 'light' difference that you mentioned! I loved your old craft room but I llllooooooooveeeeeee your new craft room all the better - question is what did you do with the canoe? LOL

  4. You are very lucky to have all that space and light to work in.

  5. Great space, Your so lucky..I have possibly the smallest craft room ever..I've been telling my OH we need to move somewhere bigger :)
    Becky x

  6. gosh that is a beautiful room with brilliant light...i am officially *jealous* now!!!

  7. Great space! I spend my time crafting on the living room floor!
    Now where is that canoe???
    Dawn xx

  8. Hi Monica,
    Just found your blog and your awesome work!
    Love your new found space u lucky girl!
    Have to kick my boys out eventually to get my own room! lol!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kerri :)