Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Amsterdam in Pictures!

Well what can I say about our lovely trip to Amsterdam!! Firstly would you believe it's the first time we've been on a plane together, and our first trip to Europe! Hard to believe considering we always seem to be running around like headless chooks to different countries, just never at the same time!

Typical Canal
Amsterdam was gorgeous a lot prettier than I imagined, albeit really wet!! The heavens completely opened up on us a couple of times but when it was dry.....lovely!!!

Our hotel was right beside the flower markets. Mid week though they were fairly quiet. Still saw a lovely range of flowers though.

Kenny doing what he does best!!

bike parking tower!
Now if it's one thing you can't miss it's the bicycles!! I've never seen a city so catered to being bicycle friendly to the point where its all a bit manic.

Have to say though that one of our highlights was watching this woman struggling with her full size Cello and super impressed when she managed to get on her bike and ride away!! Oh and she was also wearing heels!! IMPRESSIVE!

The Seven bridges
'Seven Bridges' is one of my favourite canal photos I took, it really captures the intensity of the canal structure in Amsterdam and how much the city uses it, plus its really pretty. Make sure you click on it to see the photo full size.
Classic bridge
A Canal boat cruise really is a must in this City, its really the only way to truely appreciate it's beauty. And after hours of walking around a great way to give the feet a break.
Lifting bridge

Fresh Corn on the Cob
We managed to find the local farmers markets too where the smell of fresh corn drizzled in butter was just too much to go past!!

Our final afternoon was spent sitting in cafe watching the world go past ( on bicycles of course) and enjoying a glass of wine and some nibblies.


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